The AANEM is the only membership organization designed to address the needs of all neuromuscular and electrodiagnostic health care providers by bringing together physicians, researchers, technologists, and collaborators who specialize in these areas of medicine.

Featured Resource: Self Assessment Examinations

Check out AANEM's self-assessment examinations (SAEs) for electrodiagnostic medicine and neuromuscular medicine. Committees composed of neurologists and PMR physicians develop both examinations, intended for two purposes:
  • Physician study guides that meet maintenance of certification requirements.
  • Teaching tools for residency and fellowship programs.

Need Help With Practice Management?

Promoting and educating others about electrodiagnostic medicine can benefit your medical practice, your students, your colleagues, and, ultimately, improve patient care. AANEM members have access to marketing tips, practice guidelines, coding and billing help, and more. 

Advocating for Quality Care and Fair Reimbursement

AANEM staff and volunteer leaders monitor and advocate on behalf of patients and physicians about issues that affect the practice of neuromuscular and electrodiagnostic medicine. We ensure patients receive quality care, and physicians receive appropriate reimbursement.



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