Advancing Neuromuscular, Musculoskeletal, & Electrodiagnostic Medicine

Educating Health Professionals About Electrodiagnostic Medicine

To assist members with educating other health professionals about the benefit of electrodiagnostic medicine and the disorders it helps to diagnose, the AANEM has developed a series of educational slide sets that can easily be customized for target audiences such as:
  • Institution Colleagues
  • Grand Rounds
  • Medical Societies
  • Referral Sources
  • Medical Conferences

The slide sets are standardized to a very basic PowerPointTM template, allowing presenters to select the background they desire, and individualize the slides to fit their audience. Download any of the presentations below, at no cost, for use in your presentation. 

AANEM Members Only can access the slide sets here

Cancer Motor Neuron Disease Plexopathy
Family Practice Myopathy Polyneuropathy
Internal Medicine Neuromuscular Junction Disorders Radiculopathy
Intro to EDX Medicine Neurosurgery Rheumatology
Mononeuropathy Orthopedics Traumatic Nerve Injury

Publishing articles is another helpful way to promote additional knowledge about electrodiagnostic medicine. We have listed several publication options for your consideration.  

Share Your Knowledge and Research With Other Audiences

Educate others about neuromuscular and electrodiagnostic medicine. Now you can locate the medical journals, publications, and association meetings where you can easily disseminate information to targeted professional audiences. Use the links to get the key information you need to:

  • Find a place to submit a research abstract
  • Find a forum for a presentation you wish to give
  • Find a place to publish a review or research article
  • Find allied assocation meetings you may wish to explore